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Monday, August 2, 2010

Tulsa Police Corruption

I have been working on some cases involving the Tulsa Police Corruption. I am working to free some clients that have been wrongfully convicted. When I think about the scope of this corruption it is just overwhelming. How many defendants were sent to prison that should not have been? How many children grew up without parents? How many parents and grandparents missed out on birthdays and holidays because of these corrupt police officers? How many loved ones never got the chance to hold the one they love one last time before they passed?

What would it be like knowing that someone you loved and cared about died and you could not even make it to the funeral? To know that your loved one died without knowing that you were innocent and were framed by the police?

What would it be like to try and explain to your child that you had to go to prison for something you did not do?

The corruption is unbelievable. Depressing really. I used to take a lot of pride in being involved in the legal profession. Not so much anymore. No wander people trust used car salesmen at about the same rate as lawyers.

I just don't understand how things could have ever got this bad. I wander if it is this way everywhere or if we can ever make a difference.

I heard a story about a little girl that was running up and down a beach after a bad storm. There were a hundreds of star fish on the beach out of the water. The little girl was running frantically picking up star fish to throw them back in the water so they would not die. A man was walking his dog along the beach and he asked the girl what she was doing. She said I am throwing the star fish back so they won't die. The man said it is no use you will never make a difference there are too many star fish. The little girl picked up a star fish and threw it into the water, she looked at the man and said "I made a difference to that one."

I used to be that little girl just happy to make a difference to one client at a time. But lately more and more I feel like the man. Maybe I am just feeling overwhelmed.

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  1. As you know, I spent some time in prison. I saw a lot of women behind bars doing life terms for things that I could not justify in my own mind as something that would deserve life. Their children taken from them to live with Aunts/Uncles, Grandparents or even in foster care.

    After I was released from prison in Georgia I moved back to Oklahoma where I was raised. I have a childhood friend who at the time was a judge in Lincoln Co. We use to spend hours talking about life, the "system" and things like human nature.

    One day I asked him how does he do it? How do you put people in prison for LIFE. Georgia has some laws or lack of laws that do not protect you if kill someone in self defense. There are numerous women doing life terms for killing an abusive man.

    I had a cell mate that killed her husband, they were seperated and she had a protective order against him. He had pending charges for domestic violence and for battery with a dangerous weapon. He kicked in her door one night, she grabbed her kids and locked the bathroom door. She called 911 and told them if they didn't hurry she was going to kill the bastard...and she did. She shot him to death. She got a life without parole... the jury found her guilty of premeditated murder because she told the 911 dispatcher she was going to kill him.

    After telling my friend the judge this story and other similiar stories, he just looked at me and said, "there is no justice in this world. Those kids lost their father and their mother that night... no justice"

    I can't say I know what it is to feel like you feel, but I can say that I do know what if feels like to feel as if there is no use in trying.

    I've tried really hard over the past 5 years to live as the little girl in your story... because if you can keep one mom from going to prison that doesn't deserve to be there, then you've touched many, many , many lives!


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